Project: Drones in the construction field

A Thematized SPIRE project led by InnoBYG, The Innovation Network

The aim of this SPIRE project is to map the technical and businesslike opportunities and challenges by the intensified use of drones in the construction field. 

The mapping can ease the technology intake of drones in the construction field, because the opportunities, the barrier and challenges in the use of drones will be visualized. This will strengthen the development of relevant drone solutions for the benefit of the companies and field.  

Click here to read the project description in Danish. 



The project is led by: 

- Aarhus University School of Engineering 

Project partner: 

- The Danish Technological Institute 

The project is supported by five Danish companies:

- Bygkontrol ApS

- Århus Murer og Tømrerforretning A/S 

- Spotland 

- Brabrand Boligforening 

- NCC Danmark A/S