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SDU’s vision is that SDU UAS Center will be acknowledged in 2020 as leading in the field of drone technology in connection with education, research, innovation, cooperation and transmission of technology to benefit the society. 



University of Southern Denmark

Universities | Region of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M

Examples of research areas

  • Flight controllers, software architecture, sensors, navigation, radio communication, security, mechanical design and construction, integration in airspace, legislation, and other things.
  • Fields of application cover specific agriculture, environment, preparedness, inspection and transport.
  • The center has a cross-functional approach and includes natural science, humanities and social science to gain a wide insight of drone technology’s potentials and challenges.


Fence inspection at airports

Producing drones that will be able to execute inspections of fence around the airports and discover leaks down to a radius of 5 centimeters.

  • Partners: University of Southern Denmark and UAS Test Center Denmark.
  • Funded by: Energi Fyn
    Budget: 150.000 DKK

BVLOS Fast Track

Development and testing procedures for low-risk flights within range of vision (BVLOS) which could be authorized in the current regulation.

  • Partners: University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University, H.C. Andersen Airport, GeoPartner and Spectrofly

Efficient survey and response to invasive species using drones

  • Partners: SDU Max-Planck Odense Center and SDU UAS Center
  • Funded by: SDU Fyrtårn Initiativ
  • Budget: 1 million DKK

Innovation on Wings

  • Partners: SDU CI2M and SDU Dronecenter
  • Funded by: Industriens Fond
  • Budget: 4 mio. DKK

Free the Drones (FreeD)

Development of drones that can fly safely on their own and without range of vision (BVLOS) with the support from bio-inspired robot technology.

  • Partners: University of Southern Denmark, UAS Test Center Denmark, Explicit and the Danish Transport and Construction Agency.
  • Funded by: Innovationsfonden
  • Budget: 10 million DKK


Development of Eco-Drone that can transport and scatter, for instance (x resources) and ladybird to fight pest instead of using pesticides.

  • Partners: Syddansk Universitet, Aarhus Universitet, EWH BioProduction and Ecobotix
  • Funded by: University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University, EWH Bio Production and Ecobotix
  • Budget: 8,5 mio. DKK


Development of electronical license plates making the authorities able to identify flying drones and monitor the traffic of drone.

  • Partners: University of Southern Denmark and the Danish Transport and Construction Agency.


Establishment of a research infrastructure for development of drone technology, integration and application of drones in the field of research, specifically for data collection in the climate and environment area.

  • Partners: University of Southern Denmark, DTU, Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Copenhagen University and 20 other partners.
  • Funded by: Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.
    Total investment: 64 mio. DKK

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