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Examples of research areas

  • Copenhagen University (KU) research in among other topics “computer vision” and “machine learning”, which adapts drones with a view to image editing and autonomous navigation (“sense and avoid systems”).
  • KU cooperates with among others AAU in the agriculture sector (produce-, weed- and disease supervision).
  • Logical data institution (DIKU) employs primarily with theoretical foundations for data and data processing. For instance is software, mathematical models, algorithms and programming in the institutions theoretical and practical area. DIKU engagement in drones are hereby from the above-mentioned professional basis. It is mainly in software, algorithms and image editing, DIKU is working with drones and drone related problems, e.g. via the drone’s collection of image and sensor data. The data can also contribute to detect-and avoid (obstacle avoidance) the technology in drones – the opportunity for a drone through the sensors can identity and avoid objects or something else. In the above-mentioned background, DIKU has been involved in several projects on image editing for the agriculture.
  • Drones for monitoring of multi-years weed in corn. The purpose of this project is to apply drones and consumption cameras to monitor and map the occurrence of weed in the fields. As a part of the project, there is collected a large dataset consisting of images of fields on Zealand, Funen and Jutland and there is developed and tested different software for automatically analyze these images. The project also produces prototypes sprinkle card that can transfer to a tractor sprinkle computer.


 Source: Fonden Teknologirådet (2016): Kortlægning af den offentlige forsknings-, udviklings- og uddannelsesindsats på droneområdet samt den offentlige anvendelse af droner

Photo credit: University of Copenhagen