UAS Denmark International Test Center & Cluster

By combining the efforts of a vibrant testing environment with a strong UAS ecosystem in the international league they want to accelerate the drone innovation and use hereof – with the aim of creating Denmark’s fastest growing market within 5 years as well as bringing drones and people together as trusted friends. Part of their vision is that Denmark should aim to be a first mover country for enhancing people´s senses through groundbreaking drone technology – in favor of citizens and the society. 

UAS Denmark International Test Center & Cluster

Other | Region of Southern Denmark
Lufthavnvej 151, 5270 Odense N

UAS Denmark is comprised by two equally important pillars: 

  • An international Test Center with BVLOS testing capabilities
  • And the Danish national industry cluster for drones with around 150 members.


About The International Test Center:

As one of the only test centers in Europe we combine the unique elements of a BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) airspace ready to use over sea with manned aviation, a fast approval process and drone labs. They work closely with the authorities, universities and industry both nationally and internationally.

Their 867 square kilometers of airspace with integrated BVLOS flight areas comprises urban and rural areas and a special offshore zone for BVLOS testing over the sea. The area can furthermore be used for flights within the visual line of sight (VLOS) for testing drones, sensors or other systems. The dedicated Verification Facility (photogrammetric test field) can be used for testing, documenting, calibrating and benchmarking precision and quality of data from UAS systems.

Future Drone Labs:
In the future the Test Center will be able to offer Drone Labs for software/hardware integration and manufacturing of composite materials. A 3D radar will also become available.

Business Park:
Entrepreneurs who wish to get closer to the drone cluster can rent office space, meeting rooms and hangar space when testing.


About The National Industry Cluster:

Within the cluster you will find around 150 members representing the whole value chain. From developers, large Danish and international corporations, the large Danish research institutions to professional private and public user organizations.

UAS Denmark International Test Center & Cluster promote growth and development through:

  • Sharing and taking part in projects
  • Knowledge sharing between research institutions, companies and private and public user organizations
  • B2B matchmaking
  • Working together with other clusters
  • Making relevant networking opportunities available by hosting theme-conferences
  • Marketing the Danish drone industry at international conferences
  • Sharing industry news and interesting projects