The Danish Technological Institute

DTI is a leading Research and Technology Organization, currently specialists and helping more than 10.000 clients a year – representing 65 countries.

They pride themselves of being multi-disciplinary group of researchers and engineers that look at their clients' challenges in an innovative manner - addressing different expertise to find the best-suited solution for a given task. 



The Danish Technological Institute

GTS | Region of Southern Denmark,Capital Region of Denmark
Forskerparken 10, 5230 Odense

Examples of research areas

  • DTI has strong activities in the use of fuel cells as new energy systems to solve the challenges on robustness and flight time. 
  • DTI's division for agriculture and food industry, AgroTech, employs 50 people with spealized knowledge in food technologies, bio resources, crop technologies and field trials and analysis. AgroTech explores the use of drones and the latest sensors technologies to predict, detect and treat crop diseases and anomalies. 
  • DTI's Concrete Centre, which is the largest knowledge centre in Denmark, works on activities such as R&D, certification, testing, and consultancy on infrastructure projects related to concrete technology. Their interdisciplinary team and well-equipped lab enable testing and assessing the conditions of concrete materials and structure in small and large scale. Within an infrastructure assessment context, we are currently explorin the use of drones for inspection of buildings and infrastructure in cooperation with DTI's Robot Centre. 
  • DTI has one of Europe's leading robotics innovation centers with a staff of more than 40 robotic experts. The drone activities range from data collection and processing with state-of-the-art sensors to the development of autonomous cooperating drone systems. 
  • DTI is active in standardication and certification of components and systems. 
  • DTI produces analysis and reports on drone markets and development and was a primary source for National Drone Strategy launched by the Danish government in 2016.



Performance contract "D2: Professionelle Civile Droner”

This project focuses on facilitation of new or more advanced drone applications in e.g. offshore structures, construction, manufacturing industry, and the energy sector. Focus is on effective energy systems, automation technology, sensors, materials, additive manufacturing and analyses technologies. The project also showcases indoor use of drones and BVLOS capable drone systems. 

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Performance contract "D6. Drones – fra-udvikling-til-implementering”

This project focuses on supporting Danish suppliers of drone technology and system integrators to provide drone systems that are currently not in the market. This is achieved through the development and implementation of new technologies, including a series of demonstration cases related to specific needs identified with Danish companies. The work focuses on the application of drones in agriculture and construction industry.

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S3-CAV: Simultaneous Safety and Surveying for Collaborative Agricultural Vehicles (ICT-AGRI, 2016-2017)

S3-CAV focuses on making the ability to perceive the local environment in 3D accessible to farmers transnationally. DTI's contribution lies within advanced sensors and data processing. Drones are used as toll carriers.

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