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DTU Space DroneCenter is created with the following main purposes

  • To coordinate and facilitate research and development activities in unmanned systems that meet the specific needs of and create value for DTU, Danish companies and authorities.
  • To promote opportunities for DTU researchers to utilize unmanned systems (platforms and sensor systems) for research.
  • To act as a contact point between DTU and external partners and build strategic relationships with relevant actors.
  • It is the Center's ambition to apply and develop existing research-based competencies at DTU to drive development in specific areas in addition to industry's production of complete unmanned systems and as support for authorities and companies that use / want to use unmanned systems


Photo credit: Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark

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Examples of research areas

  • Human-computer interaction, “Embedded systems engineering”, Sensor technology and data analysis, and security and reliability.
  • Knowledge from wind turbines (aerodynamics, rotor design, materials) applies on drones.
  • Earth and climate surveillance and telecommunication, where drones develop and integrate as supplement or alternative for satellites and airplanes.
  • Survey, mapping, positioning and navigation, for instance, to measure water movement or thickness of polar ice caps.
  • Indoor use of drones for inspection, surveillance or eye operator device disabled persons.


Source: Fonden Teknologirådet (2016): Kortlægning af den offentlige forsknings-, udviklings- og uddannelsesindsats på droneområdet samt den offentlige anvendelse af droner