Inno-Pro is a cluster for companies working in areas such as advanced materials, mechatronics, specialized metals and materials processing, engineering and testing services, IT, software and communication solutions, as well as other high-tech businesses.

The purpose of the Innovation Cluster for Production is to bridge the gap between knowledge institutions and production companies with high value production in order to strengthen the Danish competitiveness and secure permanent jobs.


Innovation networks | North Denmark Region
N.O. Hansens Vej 4, 7470 Karup

The partners in the Innovation Cluster for Production, Danish Technological Institute, Aalborg University, Technical University of Denmark, Alexandra Institute, FORCE Technology and CenSec have specialized skills within a variety of disciplines that can strengthen Danish manufacturing companies.


The competencies are based on Danish positions of strength, where extraordinarily high quality and management requirements exist such as in space, defence and railway technology. Common to the fields is that there is a zero tolerance to failures. This environment and these extraordinary high quality demands build up knowledge and skills that are relevant for companies, big and small, working with high value manufacturing or using advanced production technologies and / or processes. 


Danish production companies are under pressure. It is therefore an increasing challenge for Danish companies to maintain production jobs in Denmark, where there are high demands for environmental awareness, working conditions, etc.