Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies’ (Inno-MT) goal is to promote environmental technology innovation in the Danish environmental technology sector, with particular focus on increasing exports, growth and employment in Danish SMEs.

Inno-MT works to promote innovation of new solutions and services across our four focus areas of Soil resources and nutrient cycling, Clean air technology, Efficient resource use and Water treatment and water supply. This is achieved through matchmaking, knowledge sharing, Internationalisationand entrepreneurship activities.



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Background information

Denmark is a leading country when it comes to environmental technologies and is home to a wide range of companies with extensive know-how about environmental solution. This is partly the case because of the country’s continous support for technology innovation.  In order to strengthen cooperation between companies and researchers within the field of environmental technology, a range of actors, including four technological service institutes and three universities, took the initiative to start the Innovation Network for Environmental Technologies (Inno-MT)


Focus areas

Inno-MT focuses on technologies, which help solve key social challenges in the field of environmental technology. The network’s four primary focus areas are:

  1. Soil resources and nutrient cycling
  2. Clean air technology
  3. Efficient use of resources:
  4. Water treatment and water supply