InfinIT is a Danish network for innovative utilization of IT. The goal is to convert the infinite possibilities that technology offers into concrete collaborations between research and industry.






Innovation networks | Capital Region of Denmark
Alexandra Instituttet, Rued Langgaards Vej 72 2300 København S

Major activities

The work in infinIT builds upon close collaboration between research and companies. InfinIT perform both strategic activities and research activities, of which the major part take their point of departure in a number of interest groups consisting of representatives from both research institutions and companies. As such, the activities will be adapted to the needs and challenges that Danish industry faces.

As such, our major activities are focus group meetings where researchers and personnel from participating companies exchange knowledge and experiences within a specific field of interest. At the moment, these include:

  • Big Data & Business Intelligence
  • Processes & IT
  • Security
  • Future Technologies in Smart Society
  • Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Tracking and Positioning Technologies
  • Usability and Interaction Design
  • Workshops and seminars