The focus of INBIOM is intelligent production and exploitation of Biomass during the transition to bio based economy. The network helps Danish biomass companies to gain access to new knowledge, an overview of financing options, but also to find new Danish or international cooperation partners. The network encompasses for all types of biomass.



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INBIOM follows and is involved in initiatives that intend to investigate and develop the use of drones throughout the value chain for intelligent utilization of biomass. That is, how drone technologies can create value in the production of biomasses (eg on fields, farms, forests) in the harvest, collection and transport logistics and in the conversion / refinement of biomass to biobased products. Cost-effective access to valuable data from different sources, including eg. Drone-borne sensors, is a significant driver of innovation across sectors - and thus also in the agro and bioeconomics. 


Examples of drone applications

Use of drones in the field of land surveillance and obtaining data for crop care (emergence, fertilizer needs, weeds, pest attacks), where drones in combination with sensors mounted on tools can create cost-effectiveness, precision and derived environmental benefits. This potential is explored among other things, through participation in the project "Future Cropping" under the Innovation Fund.


At the conversion stage, drone-borne sensors have been developed to capture methane emissions from biogas plants. Biogas production has a particularly climate-friendly profile, but if there are just a few percent of methane emissions from leaked pipes / collections or suboptimal production, the climate gains are lost - in addition to the fact that there is of course an economic incentive to ensure that the product is not wasted. Here INBIOM is in dialogue with the Danish Technological Institute about potential projects. 


Potentials for the use of drones are many, as biomass production and logistics typically involve large areas, heavy machinery and large industrial plants. Drones can be a cost effective way of monitoring, data capture of critical data and brand new products / services. Eg. Could the emerging growth area within marine (blue) biomass also contain interesting, unexplored potentials. Therefore, INBIOM is interested in following the development of technologies and business models in this area