FORCE Technology


FORCE Technology's business takes its starting point in nine areas of expertise, each involving its own specialist knowledge and skills. Their specialists collaborate in interdisciplinary project teams as required by the assignment in question. This creates maximum value for you as a customer and means that you will always benefit from the most qualified solution.

Nine areas of expertise

  1. Energy, materials & welding
  2. Integrity management
  3. Maritime services
  4. Inspection & testing
  5. Metrology, chemical analysis, environment & management systems
  6. Sensor & NDE Innovation
  7. Certification
  8. SonoSteam®
  9. Education, training & courses. 

Research & development

FORCE Technology aims to ensure that they are always able to offer the most up-to-date knowledge and latest technologies when carrying out assignments for their customers, whether in the form of new or improved products, processes or methods. They therefore regularly participate in a wide range of research and development projects in close cooperation with large and small companies, and with leading research and development institutions, both nationally and internationally. 


FORCE Technology

GTS | Region of Southern Denmark,Capital Region of Denmark
Park Allé 345, 2605 Brøndby

Development of drone services

Since 2012, FORCE Technology has engaged in the development of drone based services for a variety of industries e.g. the wind, oil and gas, energy and food. FORCE Technology mainly focus on inspection and more recently surveillance services. Some of the places we perform our services are:

  • Flares on offshore platforms
  • Masts and chimneys made of steel and concrete
  • Confined spaces i.e. piping, boilers and tanks
  • Entire production sites i.e. food producing companies
  • Refineries, power plants and hydro plants
  • Bridges
  • Solar cells
  • District heating pipes – leak detection

They have carried out several R&D projects primarily financed by the Ministry for Higher Education and Science and The Ministry of Environment & Food.


Examples of ongoing projects and activities 

Droner på nye missioner – materialer og miljø

The project aims at developing drone based emission measuring systems that will enable the mapping of gases and particles in a way, which is more cost effective and accurate than traditional methods.

The measuring systems can be used for monitoring of e.g. particle emission from ships, emissions of methane gases from landfills or biogas plants.

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Drone Blade Service system - Next generation

The project aims at designing, building and verifying an intelligent drone for testing and inspection of wind turbines in the field. The drone ensures a time and cost effective blade service system. Furthermore, the service will increase the safety for the maintenance personnel as they are not required to physically access the blade.

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Free the Drones

The prospect for drones are amazing but current regulation of UAS operations limits drones to flying within Visual Line of Sight (VLOS). There is a great potential to be realised if Beyond VLOS (B-VLOS) can be permitted. It will require several research objectives to be completed before the safety case and airworthiness of drones can be successfully assessed, e.g.:

·         Develop the framework for safety-case assessment and B-VLOS mission certification

·         Develop a Failsafe Hardware/Software (HW/SW) module designed to eliminate or minimize the risk of undesirable outcomes in the event of an unsafe situation caused by one or more faults

·         Develop a reliable Command and Control (C2) link between the drone and the pilot to supporting critical safety functions

·         Develop Sense and Avoid technology to increase safety of B-VLOS flights

·         Evaluate and estimate the business and market potential of the drone applications


Test of drone systems

Even though drone technology is a fairly new technology and new product types emerge every day, this is an area that is already governed by a list of rules and regulations. In fact, there are specific requirements that drones must comply with before they are allowed to be used.

FORCE Technology helps companies through the jungle of rules and regulations. We have technical knowledge about technology design and help you built sensors, wireless communication and radio modules into your drone.

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Standardisation committee

FORCE Technology participates in the Droner (UAS) (S-831) ­standardisation committee. The committee is developing an international standardisation of drones used for everything from flying video recording to land surveying. It is in this connection a must that mutual quality demands and safety regulations are developed.

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