Aalborg University

The university has more than 15 years of experience with drones and will greatly expand its research activities in the field in the coming years. With the creation of Drones@AAU, DronesBusiness, and Drone Research Lab the university will focus on drone research in a number of fields where the university is strong, and on dedicated collaboration with Danish and international companies that manufacture, integrate or use drones.

AAU’s drone activities are unified in the research focused Drone Research Lab. All activities are coordinated through occupation network Drones@AAU, which has the function of both mutual entrance for all the external contacts and as a gathering point for AAU researchers. Drones@AAU is also a drone specific occupation related network for Danish companies.







Aalborg University

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Examples of research areas

Aalborg University focuses research on drones and their applications in 9 areas: autonomy, communication, safety and risk, industrial use, human-drone interaction, civil engineering, programming and verification, sociotechnical and cultural innovation, and mapping. AAU is involved in 8 research projects, funded either nationally or internationally, where drones are a significant component. To date, the university has taken part in drone-related projects with a total budget of DKK 125 million.


Aalborg University takes part and has taken part in a number of research projects where drones are a key element. The following list shows only funded projects in which AAU has a significant role.

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